Meditation for Beginners

Conscious Expansion ~see with your inner eye and feel with your inner senses~

A step-by-step meditation course for Beginners

   from 7.00pm until 8.30pm

More and more people are awakening and attending meditation groups but only a few can see, feel and follow the guided instructions of the tutor and even fewer can integrate the lesson experienced into life.

It is important that you learn all basics first to better understand how and why these activities all work together so that you can see clearly with your inner eye and feel fully with your inner senses.

This workshop is running every Monday for a course of three weeks from the date above and is designed for anyone wishing to learn this ancient skill step-by-step so that you can experience the immediate effects of deep relaxation, self-development, inner awareness and a total balance of your physical, emotional and mental bodies.

After this workshop you will have all necessary skills and tools to successfully continue and develop your personal growth.

£50.oo pp ~ 10 places            To book your place please contact



For more information, dates and times please contact


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