Primus Activation Meditation

Primus Activation

 ~a meditation technique into a deep state of conscious awareness and connection~

      from 7.00pm until 9.00pm

The Primus Activation Meditation was specifically designed by Naisha Ashian to use the natural physiological and energetic systems of the body to create an optimum state for healing, spiritual growth, psychic expansion and energetic protection. Based on years of research and clinical experience, this meditation will help you take advantage of your body, mind and spirit’s ability to heal and evolve. Each step in the meditation has a specific function in activating the nervous system, chakra system and biochemistry to create an expansive, positive, healing state.

A meditative experience for all who want to attune to the electromagnetic field of the Earth.  Synchronizing heart and brain activity and activating the body to carry high frequency light energy. This workshop is running every Tuesday for a length of three weeks from the date above.

£50.oo pp ~ 10 places                To book your place please contact


For more information, dates and times please contact

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