ANKERAGE Place of Retreat

 ~A two-day Healing Retreat~

Ankerage is an intense and in-depth healing weekend especially designed for people with busy schedules, for those of you who life far away or for those who are in need of urgent physical and energetic healing treatments.

A weekend for anyone wishing for a unique time out, to unwind and de-stress at the end of a long tiring week. This is a radiant opportunity to align your energies with the shifting energies of the planet to enter a coherent state for optimum health and well being. This remarkable weekend will help you to indentify and neutralise unwanted emotions and disturbing feelings, it will leave you balanced and focused so that you can improve your creativity and intuition. It will enhance all structures and function of the physical, mental and emotional bodies and miraculous encourage body, mind and spirit in order to bring you to a new level of health and reality.

The weekend will include

  • six Crystal Resonance healing sessions with crystals and stones
  • gentle guided meditations
  • sound vibrations
  • refreshments between sessions

The weekend is both structured and intuitive, adapting to the need of each person.

£399.oo             To book your healing retreat weekend please contact

Healing retreats are held in the rural country side of Dunton, Biggleswade, at the fringes of London, unless otherwise arranged.

A two-day retreat can also be arranged when it suits you most e.g. Mon & Tue, Thu & Fri or Fri & Sat and if you like a combination of all healing modalities on offer, you can blend and create your own unique experience.

For more information please contact

Please note that weekend retreats are getting more and more popular, to avoid disappointments, early booking is recommended.

Gift Vouchers available

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