Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki

It is recommended that Reiki treatments given in person are best given in the home or barn where the animal lives. The animal will be more relaxed and therefore receive the treatments much more successfully.

The treatment session begins a short distance away from the animal rather than with hands-on. In this way, the trust between the Reiki practitioner and the animal will be build up and it will also give the animal the opportunity to experience the healing energy first.

The animal decides how much Reiki it needs and wants and evaluates it in its own way. Animals are more sensitive to energy than people therefore the animal will quickly understand its healing potential.

During the treatment the animal may move closer to the Reiki practitioner or may choose to lie way from them. Sometimes, the animal comes close and moves away several times. Sometimes, the animal lies close by or under the hands, showing which areas need to be worked on.  It is the animal’s choice and wherever it is, the animal will fully benefit from the Reiki energy, the Reiki session.

The energy can be felt by the animal and even by the animal’s owner as a sensation of heat or cold, as a vibration or pulsing.

Reiki distance healing is a very affective way in treating an ill and fragile animal. This is a way of receiving Reiki when the animals may be extremely small, fearful of strangers, old and fragile, or close to death and may be able to relax and absorb better Reiki distantly.

Reiki distance healing is quickly arranged in cases of emergencies or when an animal needs additional support between treatments. Or Reiki distance healing might be a more convenient way of treating the animal when the owner has a very busy schedule. A Reiki distance healing session will always offer the same benefits as the hands-on Reiki session. It will work on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

After a Reiki hands-on session or a Reiki distance healing session, shifts in healing occur immediately and should be noticed by the owner within 12 to 48 hours. However, most conditions require regular treatments to complete the healing process.

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