Primus Activation Healing Therapy

Primus Activation Healing Therapy

An advanced Healing modality for those who want an immediate entrainment of the heart’s and brain’s electromagnetic pulse to create a coherent resonant field of therapeutic vibrations for clearing physical and energetic bodies, achieving deep healing and to enhance personal growth and transformation.

Primus Activation Healing Properties are

  • None-Invasive
  • Enhanced sense of well-being
  • Enhances vibratory entrainment between the heart’s and the brain’s electromagnetic field
  • Creates right condition for optimum health
  • Balances hormonal and endocrine function
  • Increases brain function
  • Aids improving communication
  • Aids in improving relationships
  • Empowers the sense of creativity and confidence
  • Lessens worries, anxiety, depressive thoughts and other indication of emotional stress
  • Anchors the body’s energy to newer & higher vibrations
  • Unblocks unwanted emotional, spiritual and physical blockages

If you have ever been interested in exploring pure energy healing, you definitely should explore the extrodenary Primus Activation Healing Therapy™!

A Primus Activation Healing Session can take up to 60 minutes ~ For appointments please contact

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